bubblee (bubblee) wrote,

Theres One day in september

Amongst much of this christmas cheer and whatnot i find myself thinking more and more about how much i miss the footy. Its sounds stupid i know but that one thing to do every weekend is sometimes what can keep me going. Theres so much more to it for me than just a game or winning and losing. How many things can constantly give you that dhill up your spine in anticipation of the first bounce, who doesnt love the feeling of sitting there biting your nails for the last ten seconds of the closest game you've ever seen. Its a thrill, it passion, its love of the game, its the colours, its the team, its a hundred years of history. Its not about the individual and its not just about the players, the administrators, the members, the supporters and the thousands of supporters before us.  its about the spirit and the reason these things exsist. The ads give me goose bumps and the anticipation is killing me, brign on march!

(i know im a looney)
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