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How good was it to finally see the ending? 
Now for all those who are yet to finish... (yes i was one of those who was up till 4am sunday morning because i couldnt put it down) I shall create a LINKAGE TO MY RAMBLING!

We lets see where to start???

For most of the book i found it very un-Harry-Potter-ish. I know it was completely different to every other book, but still i didnt feel it really became HP until we reached Hogwarts. From there it became very familiar again. I liked the whole Harry, Ron and Hermione being out all alone for so long, but it seemed a bit odd that Hermione seemed to have learned all this new magic from nowhere. 

I found Lupin to be odd, very much not himself. I didn't like the way he was so angry(?)
Luna was fabulous, one of my favourite Characters i think but her father was an odd addition to the book, Xenophillius. Just as bizarre as her. 

I found some of the deaths to be insignificant and totally weird. Hedwig? Dobby? Didnt like that, unnecessary. Though i did like Kreacher becoming a 'good' house elf.  I thought that was really significant though i dont know why. I had guessed that R.A.B was Sirius' brother which now leads me to another point. The Horcruxes seemed to be only a small part of the book, while still seemingly of up-most importance. Destroying them seemed too easy or something and finding them should have been more of a journey i thought. 

I thought that The number of times Harry escaped Voldemort early in the book was bordering on ridiculus as it all seemed to easy.  And the whole trace on He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named's name was kinda cool. Death Eaters are so stupid!! 

And now we get to the ending - it was so exciting. Percy rejoining the Order would have thrilled at least one person i know. And Neville i thought became cool. I loved his role through all the fighting and then the whole killing the snake... Yay for Neville! I liked Trewlawnys idea of fioghting by throwing crystal balls - hilarious. Molly killing Bellatrix was one of my favourite moments.  

We all knew that Snape couldn't have been bad. It was always good to know that he didnt make that massive betrayal. Weird though it was that he was in love with Lily. I liked how Harry eventually admitted "he was the bravest man i knew".

There was always a sneaking suspision that Harry was one of the Horcruxes and this of course became true. I found it odd that he went in to the weird place where he met Dumbledore - while this was however very useful at explaining things it was still bizarre. I liked Harry's nerve to play dead while not being so and then not acually using the killing curse but instead again using 'expelliarmus". What someone had called his trademark. Though i still had the slight feeling of dissapointment that the battle between them was not bigger.

The malfoys at the very end was odd, together with all the Order and Co. Though it was kinda nice to have all the old Characters resurface and fight. I liked that, it really sort if gave it an ending. Tying up loose ends so to speak. 

On that note i turn to the "nineteen years later". It seemed so rushed and such an add on though at the same time gave a great sense of ending and conclusion - as though the series will not and could not continue. I became so confused though ready about Harry, Ginny, Ron, Hermione, Albus, James, Lilly, Hugo, Rose, Draco and Scorpius (??). So many familiar names. 

As much as this sounds like i didnt like the book, i actually thoroughly enjoyed it.  A good ending to a fabulous series.

Now I cant wait for the Moofies!
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