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Kayak kayak kayak!!!

I just came back from quite possibly the best camping trip I've ever been on. 

Uni dictated that each person must participate in a sea kayaking program which was something i was incredibly not looking forward to. Six days of rowing a boat loaded with gear around a bunch of boring islands within a group of 10 people, of which i knew just 4. I was getting rather worried and anxious, i wanted it to be over. Until it started.  I had the best time of my life. 

There's a girl who i am friends with who can be extremely annoying at the best of times but on camps is a gazillion times worse. Needy, greedy, spoilt. While shes a friend, i was not looking forward to having to 'put up' with her for another camp. A mini miracle happened on day one when her partner and her were transfered to another group, it was like a weight lifted of my shoulders. I could enjoy myself without worrying about stepping on her toes, worrying how she would react if i said something, did something or heaven forbid talk to someone else. As bitchy and horrible as it sounds, i was so relieved. So left in my group was just a good friend and another of my uni circle.  

In a double kayak with my mate we had a blast. Her paddling away in the front and me in the back steering (or forgetting to steer, as the point may be). Travelling form point to point, island to island. We paddled over 70km in just four and a half days. Quite an effort if i do say so myself. we were treated to perfect weather, no wind, still water. Our greatest worry, the waves off the back of other boats. The area was spectacular; beautiful beaches, lovely warm water, stunning sunsets and amazingly warm nights - in the middle of winter. One day we were even treated to one of natures greatest wonders, wild dolphins popping up to check us out and then following our pod of boats for a good five minutes. It was stunning. Scared the bejebus out of me to start before i relaised how lucky we really were to recieve the treat. 

Each night was warm and comfortable and i couldnt believed how well i slept and recovered over night. One morning we had to wait for tide to come in so we didnt have to leave until midday. We took the oppurtunity to explore the untouched island. Walking along we saw hundreds of tiny little blue-purple crabs scuttling about the now uncovered mud and sand flats. It took us a while but when we looked up all we could see were tiny crabs covering the entire flats ahead. Just another of natures beauties. 

One of the campsites we stayed out was quite literally an untouched island. Landing in the mangroves we 'parked' our boats and trudged about 50m through long sea grass till we came to a rope our leader had tied to a tree to guide us through the dense teatree to our 'campsite' if you can call it that. It was a slight opening in the trees where we had to find room for seven tents! It was ridiculus but somehow we managed it. And suprise it was one of the best nights we had. Sitting right in amongst the trees made you really appreciate nature for what it was. Even if i did bang my head on the tree outside our tent EVERY time i got out.  The sunset, sitting on a nearby sand flat was simply stunning. Watching the sun set behind the mountains or hills of south gippsland was beautiful followed by an amazing array of stars and constallations that folllowed. 

We had much time to think and reflect  both alone and with others. I became extremely comfortable with the company of my friends, and we spent much time mucking around and having fun, bitching and being idiots. It reminded me of lunchtimes (and revs class) at school. I miss those days. It makes me sad to realise i'll never have that again. The whole sitting aorund, seeing each other everyday and knowing that all your friends are there with you at school. Now its so different. I see my uni friends just two or three times a week and even then its barely more than lectures and tutes. I have never missed school, or at least realised i missed school until now.  Its rather sad to think those days are gone. I know undestand what that means when people say that. Those were the best days.  

As much as i dreaded the camp, it was the best thing i have done. I have never leant so much about myself, my capabilities, my willingness to learn and to deal and co-exsist with others.  I feel extremely at peace at the moment as weird as it sounds. I feel as though i know exactly where i am and what i am doing. I feel refreshed and rejuvenated. I feel ready to take on the world.

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