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Hey hey chickadees

So yes i am alive quite contrary to public opinion. I have been so busy over the last few weeks that even if the internet was connected i still would not have been around much.  Its been hectic, teaching rounds, placements, uni, moving, no power, no net, work, hiking, job interviews ARGGGHHHH. I have a free day on thursday, the first in a long time. Cant wait! Gracefuless here I come! 

So yes. Busy busy busy. Where to start. Ok  lets start with the move. All went pretty well though i still havent unpacked properly for reasons mentioned above. NO TIME.  Its crazy. I have my furniture sorted out finally but i am missing a bedside table and am planning to ge a small bookshelf for the foot of my bed for extra storage. I love my room and I love my house. Its so pretty and i loooooove the area. I have yet to use any of the facilities but you know one can only go swimming if one is at home. Currently an unopened box is serving as my bedside table and under my bed has become a handy storage site. My bookcase i half done but i got three shelves on and then could noy be bothered doing it anymore, things just keep piling up inside it at the moment it looks so random. Today i framed the picture that the lovely bianca drew for me. It has pride of place on one wall. It looks fabulous. My desk is rather messy but that will fix itself eventually.  Oh yes when we first moved in we had absolutely no pwer for 5 whole days! Stupid electrical company, to you i hate. That makes no sense but do you know how hard it is to unpack with no lights? Well I'll tell you its darn near impossible. And i STILL dont have internet. Thank god for my dads house. This is the first time in almost a month that ive had internet on my laptop and im so excited. I am supposed to be doing an assignment but this is much more fun. 

What about work you may say. Well lets see Kmart are refusing to give me shifts yet again, i mean i am getting about one measley shift a week. It may be a sunday but thats still not enough. So i've been on a job hunt. I had an interview for Cotton On last week but then realised i didnt actually want to work there. So i didnt go. But I did however have an Interview at Ikea today. I think it went ok i mean i made the people laugh and was bright bubbly and attentive. But who knows, i wont find out till next week. My other option is to transfer to another Kmart, right outside of ikea. I didnt even know it exsisted until today when i was lost looking for the entrance.  BUt hey its all good. I will survive. I haven't quit yet. Its not as though i even hate my job, i just need a change.

So yes now we come to uni. I thought my 10 hours a week was fabulous, fun and gave me plenty of time to do stuff, completely forgetting that the small number of contact hours is made up for in placement time and fieldwork. Hence my business over the last month. I have done 2 days of uni a week, 5 days in primary school, 2 days in a recreation centre, and a three day hike. As much as i loved it, im so tired. Primary School is a blast. Im with grade twos this time and they are awesome. They're so cute and inquizitive. Being in there im beginning to think that i may like to one day get into primary teaching. Im so confused about it all now. But hey It'll happen as it will. The two days at Oakleigh Rec were interesting but not too enthralling. I was invloved in much busy work but at least i wasnt bored out of my brains. I even helped to run a basketball clinic. I know nothing about basketball but it was fun anyway. 

MY first hiking experience was actually very positive. While i didnt go in thinking i would hate it, i suprised my self at how much i really enjoyed it. Walking throught the bush, leading a group to an unknown place, reading a map by more than just trails, navigating ones way throught the wilderness, walking on a bearing and triangulating, all great fun. I spent much of the hike at the front of thr group and at stages was being told to slow down. I know i mean, ME, slow down. Never. We walked the shortest distance of all 4 groups out there but we had one whole afternoon at the beach too. I got so sunburnt but the weather was beautiful. I had a ball. Anyone feel like hiking? I have a newfound passion for hiking. Whoo. 

So yes, that just about brings you up to date. Im sure theres heaps ive missed especially having had so much time pass since my last update.  Anyways adios my good friends. 

As a parting note i will just ;et you know I am Im in love with this song - I Wish I was a Punk Rocker.  Dunno why. Just Am.
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