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well today was probably my most pointless day at uni EVER. 

I rocked up (just on time) at 11 ready to go to my lecture. Got inside half the people are missing, find out that lecture was cancelled just HALF AN HOUR BEFORE. Not impressed but at least it gave me and my group some time to start the second half of our lesson plan assignment. We were actually kind of productive, we completed one of the lesson plans and then got a fair way through the second. We then decided after much discussion that we should actually attend our tute at 12. We rocked up to find that our tutor was running late. Another tutor who had a tute at the same time decided to tell us what were supposed to be doing. So taking it into our own hands we each shared part of our assignments discussed strengths and weaknesses of each groups submissions and then left after just half an hour. So yes, we were finished earrrrrrly. (My late lecture had already been cancelled due to my lecturer having a tooth operation or something.) So I came home and decided to organise my second round teaching placement only to find when i called, that the teacher i needed to speak to was not there.  Hmph, serves me right for leaving it so late, especially considering i was supposed to start my placement last week. 

My stupid union keeps sending me ballot papers and please vote vouchers. Im so sick of it! Grrr dont they get that i DO NOT WANT TO VOTE? Apparently not. Into the bin again. Oh and did i tell you? Im looking for a nother job. I figure since im moving i could find one closer to home. Its a good idea but its all about finiding somewhere I want to work. Ive applied for Ikea and Freedom. Dont really know why but it would be good. Also applied for a couple of outdoor shops like aussies and rays outdoors. Discounts on stuff i need are always handy. Also applied for one at the AFL Hall of Fame, that would be brilliant but i didnt find it till a week after it closed. I applied anyway and will hope for the best. I havent quit my kmart job yet and i still like working there but it will just become impractical before to long. Shame.
Anywhoo one must be off to pack more now. Have fun.

By the way Rafferty's Rules is on. John Wood is so young! Its actually watchable daytime tv. For a change.  And he has a cat called Rhubarb.

(Sorry my grammer has flown out the window. )
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