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Well again its been a while. Belinda has been too un bothered to type. 

Im so tired its not funny. I feel like im going to fall over at any second. I fell asleep during both lectures this morning and the only reason i managed to stay awake during the two 2hr pracs was the strangeness of them. I mean in the first one we spent an hour talking about ourselves and our history and background in sport and physical activity. It was really quite interesting. Theres two people in my tute that had chronic fatigue, i was intrigued by that but also because everyone has come from such different places. The second half of the tute wasnt as interesting and i have no idea what went on.  My second tute all we had to do was play with all the really expensive fitness testing equiptment. It was full of sexual inuendo. Hilarious. Especially with my lecturer refering to "boobies", "gonads", "goobies" and "itchy bits". He seemed a little stressed to say the least. 

I saw the greatest ever bumper sticker today: REPUBLICANS FOR VOLDEMORT. I shaln't say anymore. 

Social tennis starts tomorrow. Im supposed to be working but im hoping i can get off early. Im have too many things going on! I need to take a break. Argh! Says the girl whos been on holidays for 6 weeks. Eeeeep!

Im not in a bad mood nor do i feel bad but i feel like i want to scream. Makes no sense. I cant believe myself, im so confused, messed up and blurry but at the very same time im very happy. MAKES NO SENSE. 

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