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Ive gone from being completely bored at home to being inundated at work. I havent had rostered shifts but ive worked a hell of lot.  I worked mon-wed nights and then thursday morning, then friday morning where before i left at 1 i agreed to start again at 6. I thought i was ok but my gosh i was buggered. Played tennis all day saturday and went to bed at 9. I didnt wake up till 11 felt good but still looked like crap.  im working nearly every night this week too. But like i say, the money is what counts at the end of the day.  Despite being completely buggered i am really enjoying working at the moment. The Toy sale is really fun because not only are there some really awesome toys but becaus eits busy and theres always something to do.  This also means there are extra people on which means theres a very social aspect which i love. I mean we all know i love to talk.  I love it. 

Sunday i had a day off and decided that I would have a quiet day. I contemplated going to the footy but when i seriously decided to go i realised i was going to get there late and changed my mind and decided to watch it on foxtel. It wasnt until half time that i realised it was at the MCG and not the Telstra Dome and i could hae made it on time, but oh well. I t was fah reezing just sitting inside.  Still it was a good game. The win may have ruined our chances at some super low draft picks especially playing Brisbane this week.  But i suppose the win will introduce some of that culture to the young guys that have never experienced it. Anyway enough of that. It was the first time we have beaten the bulldogs in years, i find it amusing that we managed it while playing some of the worst footy we have in years. 

I'm looking forward to starting uni again next week, it should be very interesing.  Im hoping my timetable stays good and then i can organise my life again.  Oh and yes, we sold our house subject to nothing! Its all signed and sealed, i love it. So I'll keep you updated on when and where we'll be moving. We have 3 buildings in mind currently, one in St Kilda Road, one in Sturt St (behind VCA and National Gallery) and one opposite Crown. I love the area. I shall keep you posted.  

Im off for now!
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