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Working this week has been grand. Im back in the swing of things and im having so much fun. I loved the last three nights not only becaue i was working after close but also because i was in casual and we were able to talk and socialise. Last night for 2 hours i was decorating the store for our MASSIVE toy sale that started today. I was moving around the store from shelf to shelf sticking up plastic banners and balloons. Awesome fun. 

This morning i started at 7am as did our huge sale. There were people EVERYWHERE! I mean the Layby queue went half way around the store. Trolleys ladden with potential christmas gifts and toys that would keep children amused for about 10 years. People always talk about the crazyness of people after a bargain and i witnessed it today. It was crazy. CRAZY crazy crazy.

I bought three new tops today from Jaysjays for $15 and i also bought a book. One I think all you EX SHGC-ians (still sounds so wierd to say ex) should read, Its called the Philosphers Dog, by Rainmond Gaita. Name ring a bell? WELL IT SHOULD. Author of Romulus My Father. Its very good especially if you liked the Romulus. I have only read the first 2 chapters but it has me thoroughly intrigued. I got it for $5 at Myer which is having a MASSIVE sale.  Oh and Bianca, you know that book you bought for someone, The Short History of Just about Everything, that too was $5 or $10 for the hard copy, illustrated one. I didnt buy it.

I cant wait to be paid next week! 

WHAM BAM THANKYOU MAM 'cause your once, twice, three tiiiiiiiiimes a laaaaady
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