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So yeah, its been a while again. 

Im forever checking up on what everyone else is up to and i constantly forget that that does not in turn tell you what i have been doing. 

I have had a wonderfully busy week or so, it started last wednesday when i caught up with Ash and we went cafe hopping. It was fun. We went into the city and then made our way to St Kilda where we had lunch at Nandos before thinking up a brilliant plan and sending postcards! We wrote postcards while we were in the cakes shop having AWESOME cake and hot chocolate. We are cool. She even wrote one to Chris who was thoroughly amused when he recieved it the next day.

Wednesday was my sleep day and i felt like blah. I had been chatting to Chris and told him i needed a hug and he drove all the way over to give me a hug! I was elated after that. 

Thursday i went into work to complain about the lack of shifts and found that my boss was MIA. (missing in action) I did run into a friend who offered me her weekend shifts and then ran into the temporary manager to whom i complained and yeah. I took the Sunday shift and when i got there i checked my next weeks roster to find i had NO rostered shifts AGAIN. I ran into the temp manager shortly after who offered me 3 late night shifts for monday/tuesday/wednesday which i took. I then got offered shifts for thursday and friday morning so i have a full week. Yay. Anyway back to thursday, i then met up with Bianca and we spent the afternoon buzzing around and becoming Dande hangers. We went shopping, shopping is fun. Thursday night i went out for dinner for the first time in ages with Claire and our respective partners. It wasnt till we were there talking that i realised that it had been 9months since i had seen her. Ridiculous! Especially when we live less than 10 minutes from each other. Night was awesome. 

Friday. I went to the Footy! It was a scrappy game but we came out with a win and now i can hold that over the heads of the family for the next 12 months. Front row seats are awesomely fabulous. Sav took a mark right in fornt of me, it was grand. Thomo smiled at me and wellsy did his magic in front of me. It was Shannon Grant's (Shagga's) 250th so win was good for that if nothing else. I scored myself a shagga mask and kangas flag. Awesome.

Saturday i had tennis all day long. Juniors was ok in the mornings the only problem being that some people didnt turn up because "they didnt know" or "they werent told" - Everyone has a roster LOSERS. </vent>  In the afternoon my team played the top team. The wind was horrible but at least our opponents were lovely. I played really good and didnt drop a set. Overall it was draw on sets but we lost by a few games. A good match. I played with all the kids for ages, they are so adorable! One of them just learnt my name and so every sentence ended in or started with "Belinda".  Saturday night i was supposed to go to Jess's 19th but i was so buggered and plus i couldnt get home so i didnt go. 

Sunday, I worked as above. Then i made my way to Chris's for dinner. His best mate was there, being his usual er.... charming (or not) self. He got very defensive when i tried to talk to him about footy. He's an essendon supporter, it was hilarious, hes easy to stir up, not quite so funny when he sat on me while they both attempted to tickle me. After dinner we went up to chris's uncles place to check out his new campervan. They're really cool people. Slightly cruel i mean waking up their 6 year old to say hello. Then when he was out of his room, Chris's dad sneaks into this poor kids bed and waits his return to which we here screams of terror. Poor kid. On the train there i had to change at richmond and i had forgotten about there being footy on at the MCG. The train was super full but everyone was amused by the really drunk Richmond supporter. Not only was he playfully abusing his fellow richmond supporters but then cheering for collingwood and singing the hawthorn theme song.  A very slurred rendition. He then preceeded to inform everyone about how good certain players were despite the fact he couldnt remember their names, teams or positions but rather how many cans they downed one night.  All of a sudden he burst into a rant about how rigged the TAB must be, just because he had $400 on a quad of Andre Agassi in Wimbledon, Collingwood in footy, and England and Brazil in the soccer. Not one won. Anyway in short he was amusing. 

Well that entry was alot longer than anticipated.
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